Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mr. AAR ;)

It has been a very long time since I last blogged on this blog of mine.

Assalamualaikum everyone. :)
Don't know whether you guys still remember me or not, I'm Hidayah :)
Okay I'm talking crap. Let's continue what imma post today.

Who's this guy on the picture above?
He's the guy who captured my heart since the very first day I met him.
Kind, sweet, respect me, and above all, he LOVES to put LADIES FIRST.
Damn, that's a plus point of him.

I knew him during MDS (Minggu Destini Siswa) UiTM Johor. He was a PM (Pemimpin Mahasiswa) of mine.
When did our first conversation start?
Well, during MDS, an event was organized, "Majlis Perasmian MDS" I think, I didn't really remember it at all.
So, Nana (my best partner during MDS) and me wanted to involve in this event, we wanted to join as "pemegang bunga manggar", or Zapin dance? or even emcees? We didn't mind at all.
So, on that time, we saw so many students wanted to be Pemegang Bunga Manggar, so we changed our decisions to join Zapin dance!
I was quite nervous since I didn't have any basics of Zapin dance!
So I was searching, searching and searching for a PM to ask about that dance whether it required us to have basics or not, there you go, my first question to him :)

"Abang! Tarian zapin kena ada basic ke?" hahahaha.

He smiled and answered "Urmmm, kejap ehh." xD

And... We went for the "so-called" audition...
And yeah... We changed again our decisions, and went for "pemegang bunga manggar" audition.
Unfortunately, we were not chosen, because of our heights, okay.... I'm short, that's the fact of mine...
So.... we went back to the hall.....

As we stepped into the hall, somebody was calling my name!
I turned back, "Ehhh... Ni abang PM tadi ni..." *cakap dalam hati*

"Ni.... Hidayah Mizan eh?"
"A ah... Eh, macam mana tau ni?"
"Ada friend kat facebook kut..."
"Ohhh...haha. Okay, hi abang!" *smiling inside like crazy people*

So... after that incident, we both commented on each others' wall posts.... haha.
But I couldn't be too close with him since I had a boyfriend (which had became "ex") on that time....

Okay enough! Back to the story above.
You know what I noticed? Where did I go, he followed. (hahaha sorry sayang :p)

You know there was this one day, where all the students of Faculty of Accountancy had to gather, and went for a talk.
So, I saw him came along, with us ;)
*Eh, abang ni pun account juga ke....*
So, I though he was an accounting student, I asked him "Eh... abang pun DIA jugak? Bukan banking ke?"
"Urmm, abang mana-mana pun boleh."
I was quite blurred during that time.... *boleh ke students ambil more than 1 course?* haha normal lah kan, budak part 1 la katakan. Hahaha.
Then Nana, teased him, "Elehhh... sebab ada Yaya kan kann..."
*Awkward moment* I hit Nana's back! Haha.

Since that day, I became VERY semangat to go for MDS, woke up early, because I got to see this senior's face. Haha.
Alaahh you know kan, when a junior got the chance to be closed with senior, who doesn't like it man?! You tell me?! Hahaha. :p

We chatted on Facebook... 1am, 2am.
He wrote me sweet pantuns EVERY DAY before we bye-d each other.
I still remember this very first pantun of him to me,

"Nak menyelam sangat payah, selamat malam Hidayah"

Dayyuummm, tell me who's not gonna melt for it man?!!! Hahahaha.

I practised to write pantun every day, just for him. Kak Amal (my roommate) was my Pantun partner for me to practise. Hahahaha! xD

We practised and practiced, even before went for sleep.
The MOST hilarious pantun we had ever made,

"Berbelang-belang seluar dalam, just nak ucap selamat malam."
*as we saw stripee panties hanging on the cupboard* hahahaha.

After quite a long time chit-chatting with him on the social network, I asked myself, "When lah this guy gonna ask for my number hah?"
Seriously, he's the weirdest guy on Earth.........

Counting down the days... AT LAST, he asked me for my number!
*dancing, smiling like crazy!!!* BIG YEAAAY to me! Haha.
Damn, you guys just don't know how happy I am during that moment. :p

There you go, exchanged our phone's numbers. ;)

On 18/10/2012, I still remember we had our last final papers on that day.
He asked me for a meet up at Intan Food Court (which is very near to my college).
We talked, talked and talked, and I told him I wanted to watch "Aku Terima Nikahnya" so badly.
*padahal nak keluar dengan dia* Eishhh gatei mu Dayah! haha.
So...SET! He agreed to bring me out on that night since we had finished our finals, so enjoy for a while, nevermind lah kan? :D

When we reached there, Aku Terima Nikahnya was not available at that time, only midnight was available, so... cancelled!
He asked me to choose. THIS ATTRACTED ME. VERY VERY MUCH.
This is why I LIKE him VERY MUCH, he loves to put me first, he let me choose anything that I want, he will just follow what I've chose. Ahhh, I just love him. ;)

So, we ended up watching "Ted". Haha luckily our VERY FIRST MOVIE was quite interesting, not bad huhhh. xD Everlasting memory ;)

So... we shared, and shared our life stories.
He shared his, I shared mine....
Exchanged life stories :)

We reached our campus around 12...midnight.... Lol.... My very first time went back to campus at this very late hour...... Luckily guards didn't catch us.

So! He sent me to my college, I mean near the college as guys can't cross the girls' zone.

Okay, this was the MOST interesting part.
Before he went back to his college, he said this, to me. ;)

"I love you." he continued again, "Ni serious tau, tak tipu."


Since that night, until today, he has became one of the most important person in my life, my sweetest life partner. ;)

I hope we can build a very last-long relationship between us. Because when I'm with you, hours feel like seconds, when we're apart, days feel like years. I'm so in love with you, Ahmad Aslam Roslan. ;)

Special kisses and hugs from me to you, my Mr. Perfect,
Hidayah Mizan.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Iftar with my cousin, Kak Najiha Saadon! :D

After habis je PHOCUS workshop tu, straight away pergi buka dengan cousin. sambil tu nak sambut birthday Abang Taufik, boyfriend Kak Jiha. hehe.
Kitorang buka kat KFC je. then jalan-jalan kat One Segamat, after that pergi dataran jejalan jap. hehe.
Memang jalan sakan aku semalam. Haha.

PHOCUS Photoshop Photo Enhancement Workshop!

Workshop ni baru je held on yesterday.
Seriously I cakap, best gilaaaaaaaaaaaa! Sebab apa? Sebab I faham apa yang Abang Haikal explain kali ni! Hahaha.
Yang last week punya saya a bit blur la about the video editing. Huhu T_T
After this boleh la guna Adobe Photoshop edit gambar! Haha :P

Ini hasil-hasilnya after attending the workshop!
Thank you so much for sharing with us the knowledge :)

Aku suka gila attend workshop for photo editing ni. Sangat bertambah knowledge aku. Hahhaa. Thank you Abang Haikal and PHOCUS sebab sudi berkongsi ilmu dengan kami semua. Hehe.

But yang paling aku terkilan adalah... AKU TAK SEMPAT NAK BERGAMBAR DENGAN DIORANG!!! Erghhhh. Sebab aku bergegas nak balik untuk berbuka dengan cousin aku. Hewhewhew. Takpe2, there's always next time kannnnn. *sedapkan hati* Hewhewhew.

Hahhhh, ni aku suka, sebab aku ada dalam gambar ni sekali! hahaha.
Ni gambar video editing workshop hari tu! :D
Tengok apa Abang Chamber buat kat Abang Haikal.... Hahahhahaha.

Brass Band: Segamat Cadet Corps Band (S.C.C.B) UiTM Johor!

So, I've decided for myself to join this Brass Band.
Why? Sebab saya nak menjinak-jinakkan diriku ini dengan pancaragam yang telah saya joined before this during primary school!
Saya rindu sangat nak main Clarinet! Dan saya berjaya untuk memasuki group Clarinet dalam Brass Band UiTM Johor ini! hehe.

At first, saya rasa stress sangat dengan Brass Band, kerana kitorang had to interview all of the board members of Brass Band, one by one just so you know! Or what we called that, PSU? Which stands for "Program Salam Ukhuwah". Haha.
After that, barulah kitorang faham, without PSU, kitorang tak akan dapat kenal the seniors tu semua.

So hari tu, kitorang ada gotong-royong di Band Room. Then iftar with all of the Brass Band members. :)
Tak tahu kenapa, saya rasa enjoy sangat hari tu. Rasa macam, ermmm, seniors semua macam friendly je. hahaha.
Here are some of the pictures that I took on that day! ^_^

With Komander Fatin a.k.a Biskut! hehehe

Ceria tak suasana dia? hahaha.

Style ehn the word "brass band" ni? Band room je ada. you all ada? :P

Ek eh, terselit pulak gambar I ni. Hahahaha. Semua orang puji gambar ni. Eh don't get me wrong, it's not because of the person, it's because of the background of this picture. hahaha. Nice right the background? ;) Again, Band Room je ada, kamu ada? :P

Mesti kamu semua tertanya-tanyakan what is Clarinet actually?
So, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa, the left one is Clarinet, and the right one is Snare Drum! :)