Thursday, March 29, 2012


I feel sad. Why until today some people still look down on me? I seriously don't know why.
PMR was my mistake. I admit it. It WAS my mistake.
But this SPM proved that I CAN improve. 1A+ 5A 1A- 1B+ 1B, although I didn't get straight A's or many A+, but still, I've tried my best to achieve this result.
Honestly, deep down from my heart, I wanted straight A's for my SPM. But I could only make it until 7A's.
I'm sorry. But still, I am thankful to Allah, syukur Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me this result. Syukur sangat-sangat. Thank you Allah.

But, there are always some people look down on me. They always tell me
-"Why didn't you apply for matriculation?" "You should apply for matriculation actually"
-"Why did you only achieve 7As while others could get straight A's?"
-"Why didn't you take Add Math?"
So many WHYs until I feel you guys didn't even appreciate for what I've got. And this is making me feel bad for myself.

For those who asked me why didn't I apply for matricualtion, this was because I DID NOT take ADD MATH. WHY? Because I DID NOT KNOW that Add Math is COMPULSORY for applying to go for matriculation.
And, Convent is very strict in order to achieve their target. They did not allow for last class students for taking Add Math. Yearp, I was from 5PA3 which was the last class in IJCJB.
BUT, last class students shouldn't be ashamed because last class student ALSO can achieve GOOD RESULT. Don't EVER feel that you've made mistake in your PMR, then you think you are a failure forever. NO YOU ARE NOT.
I felt so down when I achieve that kind of result during my PMR, yet, I felt regret for what I've done, and I told myself, I WANTED to change myself for the BETTER. In Form 4, I focused in everything what I do and I managed to get good result in Form 4. During Form 5, I also did the same thing, FOCUSED.
But still, I managed to get only 7As. Maybe I prepared last minute, and Allah only gave me this. But still, it was good enough for me already. I'm thankful to Allah. Terima kasih Allah, Syukur Alhamdulillah.

But for some people, they still think that I am not-so-smart girl.
Well, me myself also doesn't want people to look me as the smartest girl in the world.
But, show some respect, show some appreciation FROM YOU YOURSELF. Why do you still want to ask me for not taking ADD MATH?
Is it so wrong for people like me not taking Add Math? Is the one who taking Add Math is so brainy and you should only respect those who took Add Math? ONLY?
Then how about us? Those who did not took Add Math in SPM? Although we achieved good result but still you want to look down on us?
WHY WHY WHY? Is it necessary for you all to look down on us till like that BAD ?

And one more thing, is it so wrong to be an Art stream student instead of Science stream student?
I know, Sc stream students are far more better than me which was from Art class only. Yes, I do know that.
YES, it WAS my mistake for not studying hard for my PMR. I am sorry.
But, why do you guys always want to compare us with Science stream student? Why why why?
We still could manage to get good result. I don't know what other people think about my result, but as for me, it is good enough for me, already. Alhamdulillah.

Keji sangat ke saya tak ambil Add Math?
Keji sangat ke saya bukan Sc stream student?

Kenapa perlu persoalkan semua itu? Budak sastera tak patut dipandang tinggi ke dekat mata korang?

Respect & Appreciate, itulah benda yang paling penting untuk kita semua jadi seorang manusia dalam dunia ini selain berpegang teguh pada Allah SWT.
Janganlah pandang rendah pada orang yang mungkin tak setaraf dengan kamu semua.
Mungkin saya bukan yang terbaik, tapi saya sudah cuba untuk menjadi yang terbaik.
Saya harap awak semua dapat terima semua kelebihan dan kelemahan saya.
Terima kasih.



woot woot ;) said...

it's alright dayah , don't give up and keep on moving . mulut orang mana kita boleh tutup kan ? chill kay :)

Hidayah said...

Hmmm.... Terima kasih Sangat-Sangat wak ='))