Monday, August 22, 2011

Iftar with Puan Sharina and teachers! x

I must say that we enjoyed gila gila on that day. we played bunga api and mercunnnn (lulz obviously not me who played the mercun hahahaa pengecut muchh!!=D) We ate just TOO MUCH!! so i brought the satayyyy and kuih tako, they brought NASI BERIYANI, laksa penang, BIG APPLE DONUTS, kek batik, roti sardin, PUDING, cake, curry puff, CHEESE TART and much much much moreeee I can't remember =D Chera brought her iPad! we all are so jakun playing with the iPad non-stop!! we took a lot of pictures using iPad's cam, actioncam!, LEMELEME HAHAHAHAHA, facebookkkk, foursquare, twitterrr, check-in non-stop at Larkin Indah Apartment. even though it was a simple jamuan berbuka puasa, but i must say that, the most important thing is..... WE HAD FUN =) Thanks to Puan Sharina and other teachers for agreeing to have a jamuan berbuka puasa with us! =) xoxo.

So here are the pictures that we took on that friday night =D

me - chera - lyana

me - lyana

me - lyana (she loves this picture the MOST!) ????

me - Cik Aida (my ex-BMteacher) - lyana

lyana - cik fatimah (my sc teacher) - puan sharina (my agama teacher) - me

aynn - me - nadia - lyana

aynn - nadia - me

lyana - who's in the middle??? wakakaka - me

haleeda (sweet oh mukanya hikhik =D)

nadia - me - lyana

me - nadia - lyana

me - nadia - lyana

me (photo taken by amalina =D)

lyana - atasya - natasha ( haha the tashazzz)

lyana - atasya - natasha - haleeda =)

the F O O


lyana - me

US! with iPad!!! HAHAHHA!!! jakun much

aynn - zaireen - chera

me - natasha

anis - me

anis - iTinggi =ppp

anis - iPendek wakakaka

farra - haleeda 

cik zarina (my form teacher =) ) - me -nadia - lyana

cik zarina - me - nadia - lyana

aynn - chera - lyana - me is eating the sandwich made by LEYA =D

aynn - chera - lyana - me


chera - lyana - me

chera - aynn with the iPad wahahaha - lyana - nadia


 lyana (argh her hair<3) - nadia

hihihihi my tiut miut teachers hihihi xoxo

anis (tumblr much??) wahaha

leya - puan noraini's daughters

chera - lyana - nadia 


puan noraini (my seni teacher) - lyana


cik khadijah - cik fatimah - cik aida - puan sharina hihihi

cik zarina - cik radiah - puan sharina - cik khadijah - cik fatimah - cik aida <3

the teachers - haleeda - farra =)

againn...... haha x

hehehe love puan noraini =D 

my beloved seni teacher puan noraini wekekeke

iPad iPad lulzzz lulzzzzzzzzz

me - is introducing iPad 10 to u guys!! WAKAKKAA

anis darling - me

nadia - me (picture taken by lyana hahaha)

nadia - me

anis (wahpianggg so slim U!!!) =DD

cik aida 

 lulz me

yok meh ramai ramai bakar bunga api yukkk!! lulzzz ^_^

walla walla friday was fun fun fun

hehe aynn is shoo cute =)

puan sharina's son =)



puan noraini's daughter hihi

lulz conneta an hei ??? haha 

shafiqah - natasya - lyana - me <3

lulz look at her face ... happy gillerrr wahaha

lyana cantiknya =)


wallla syafiqah :D

eikkkhh??? :DDD 

the chentas =D

pashmina wearer at the back! =D

WEEEEEEEE!!! fun fun fun =D

cause baby u are a fireworkkkkk ... hahaha

thanks aynn for the flash haha

me - lyana ;)

me - chera

the eyes oO

chera the hijabber hahaha

chera =)

lyana - aynn 

nadia =)

cik zarina - cik aida - cik khadijah - cik fatimah

cik zarina - cik aida - cik khadijah - cik fatimah

puan sharina - cik zarina - cik aida - cik khadijah - cik fatimah 
thank you teachers for everysinglethingggg. love you teachers ;)

ek eh yang ni why sesat here ??? wakaka

Thank you teachers for sudi iftar with us. i love you teachers =)

So i have uploaded all the picturessss...... do enjoy k....... don't forget to save them k........ with that, i thank u bwhahahaha


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