Thursday, August 25, 2011

Patriotic and D.A.Y haha

Pertandingan menyanyi lagu patriotik was held yesterday.
Alhamdulillah it went well. 5SC2 won the choir competition.
Even though we didnt manage to be the juara but at least we cooperate with each other kan 5PA3 =)
Thanks to Cindy for helping 5PA3 for the choir comp. sebab she's the only one budak choir in our class. wahahahhaa. And oh we sang Satu Malaysia by LimKokWing tu =D
so i brought the laptop to school sebab diorang nak dengar the music kan... and after that you know what are we going to do with the laptop kannnn.... ambil gambar lah! ape lagiiii! HAHAHAHHAHA

Merupakan video lagu versi saya, anis dan yasreen darlingz...... nyanyi by ourselves k...... enjoy..... *puke*

Justin Bieber - Baby (D.A.Y cover) =p

Aqua - Barbie Girl (covered by D.A.Y) hahaha

that's all. marry you's video failed to upload la. i dont know why... lol haha

p/s ; *The 1Malaysia symbol was originallllly made by me kay. *bangga jap* bhahahaha =pppp 
        *And D.A.Y stands for Dayah, Anis, Yasreen. nice name right. i know. haha

and urm sorry for the low quality pictures. we looked like hulk kan... hahaha


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